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Hi, I recently read an article about a college official saying something about teaching women not to drink so they don't get raped, & the backlash he received for it. The comments were, of course, filled with people defending him for saying something that is "just common sense." Do you know of resources or stats or ideas that help with addressing people who so firmly believe that it's necessary to keep warning women about behaviors like drinking that "increase risk"? Thanks


That point of view is pretty common, unfortunately.  There are some scholarly articles located here that address common rape myths and victim blaming.

Here is another article that mentions how dangerous some misconceptions about rape can be, specifically perpetuation of the belief that a rapist will be some stranger in a dark alley.

Here is another list of rape myths and the truth, with facts.

One in Four provides some numbers and statistics for sexual assault as well.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not only do these lists of “safe” behaviors often mislead their audience about how and when sexual assault may occur, there is an implicit sense that someone else who is less informed might be raped and it would then, presumably, be their own fault for not knowing the proper behaviors or following them to the letter.  Worse still, it implies an attitude of “get her, not me” and incessant policing of women. 

This is unacceptable.  Enforcing laundry lists of rules and regulations for potential victims does nothing to address the rape culture that keeps not only allowing this kind of behavior but encouraging it, while simultaneously shaming survivors who speak out or seek justice.  

Living this way is like living in a house where the rafters are draped with live wires.  We might stoop to avoid them all we want, avoiding certain rooms or certain conditions, but until we fix the problem at the source, nothing will change and the danger will still remain.

If we insist on keeping our focus on what women can do to avoid rape, we imply that the power to prevent rape rests with them.  In reality, the only way to stop rape is to stop the rapist.


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Haitian woman defending her son in the Dominican Republic.

This picture is raw

damn this woman is a strong mother fucking person
power to the people

This is what we’re supposed to do

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This is where I want to grow old.

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I’m so excited that there’s a new season… this is really the cream of the crop of animation for me. When I was saw it years ago, I was turned off by the raggedy visuals, but its story lines won me over and it’s been in my top 5 shows ever since :)

Oh, and the story behind the video can be found here

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I really miss the food in Japan… the overall level of food there varies as much as it does here in Toronto, but I feel like there were more choices I could afford and still taste really good and homey (is that weird?)

September 21, 2014

Set for my next mini photo shoot… it was a simple paper cut and I just love the 3-dimensionality it brings to my photos :)

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Roll up! Roll up! Watch the full cast audio of THE GRAVEYARD BOOK being recorded…

<3 <3 <3

I just read this book earlier this month and all of these voices are perfect!

Just hearing Silas’ voice sends tingles down my back.