jolly well

"Technology company Cisco imagines a hypothetical situation in which your alarm clock receives a message that your morning meeting has been pushed back, allowing you to sleep longer. The clock then signals the coffee maker to brew later, and your car to delay defrosting its windows. Even more, the clock could gather traffic data, factoring in the time your morning commute will take."

The Internet of Things | The Etsy Blog

This has the idyllic beginnings of a technology apocalypse, where it’s man vs. machine, that finally concludes when some dashing young man sacrifices himself to save a room full of world leaders by preventing the deadly note from being played by firing his gun into the air.

Oh wait, no, that was eagle eye. My bad.

But aside from the horror aspect of it (which may be attributed to my overactive imagination), why do we need an alarm clock to function as our personal assistant? Just imagine a society where you actually rely on an alarm clock to make simple judgement calls such as how much time you should schedule for your morning commute.

It’s really frightening isn’t it?

October 4, 2011