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April 9, 2014

Not sure how many people have heard of this… but the use of benzene, a major carcinogen, in our everyday electronics is causing major repercussions for the workers assembling these products. The Chinese government is estimating approx. 1 benzene poisoning case every 5 minutes - which is crazy!

According to this recent guardian article, benzene & n-hexane (a neurotoxin also used in the process) can be replaced with minimal detriment to the bottom line:

The solvent n-hexane is used to clean electronic displays, including Apple’s iPhone. It is used rather than conventional solvents such as isopropanol or other alcohols because it evaporates around three times faster: that means washed screens are dry more quickly, so workers can clean more of them in a given period.

I mean come on now, if there are safer alternatives available, we should be pushing for them. Check out the website for the team behind this video, where you can find out how to take action!

I don’t write serious posts often… but this one really hit home: I am typing on a laptop, with my smartphone next to me and a printer within a foot of my computer. I love using these products, and I don’t want to stop using them…but their human cost is too high, and that needs to change.

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“I have a competition in me. I want no one else to succeed.”

I’m reminded of Daniel Plainview’s admission in There Will Be Blood when thinking about Google.

While the company is still largely beloved by the public, sentiment seems to have turned against them amongst their peers, and even amongst many of the startups around Silicon Valley. While these tensions have been building for months — and even years, in some cases — we’re seeing this on display more clearly than ever now thanks to the patent issue(s).

But why? Why is Google now a villain to many in the industry? I don’t believe it’s because they’re evil, I believe it simply relates to the Plainview quote. Increasingly, Google is trying to do everything. And they have the arrogance to think that they can. And it’s pissing people off.

Whoa. Dang good article over here.

As much as I like google and all, I really hope they slow down and reflect on whether trying to dominate the entire internet is a good idea.