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September 22, 2011 Reblogged from world-shaker-deactivated2013092


Teachers who love YouTube will be interested to know that today YouTube have launched a channel specifically aimed at teachers :

It contains guides on how to use YouTube in the classroom, as well as curated video playlists that will be suitable for teachers to use.

You can also sign up to the YouTube Teachers Community and receive regular updates from the YouTube team, including tips and tricks for incorporating YouTube in your classroom, best practices from other teachers, and great new content uploaded on YouTube.

Oh, and a really interesting kicker:

According to Mind Shift, the new teachers site is part one of two big YouTube projects for teachers. In the next couple of weeks, a bigger announcement will be made about huge changes that will address many of the concerns teachers have had about using YouTube videos in the classroom.

You know, if Google is aiming for world domination, I think I’m ok with that. Especially if they help to make educational tools more efficient, accessible, and relevant.