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March 22, 2012 Reblogged from shortformblog


A big get that could make Pinterest more valuable: Tim Kendall has joined the Pinterest team, according to an exclusive interview with CEO Ben Silbermann published by Fortune this morning. As the former Director of Monetization for Facebook, Kendall was responsible for creating the vast…

Maybe I’ll join up and see what he thinks up…

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Socialblood is trying to use Facebook’s vast network to connect such people to others who need their blood. It was founded by Karthik Naralasetty, who dropped out of Rutgers University in New Jersey to found his own technology company called Redcode Informatics in Bangalore.

The idea is simple—so simple, in fact, that it is a bit too limited right now. The Socialblood website links to eight different groups on Facebook, one for each blood type. You can request to join the Facebook group for your own blood type and a moderator will approve your request. If ever you are in need of a blood donation, you can post a message to the group and potential donors who live in your vicinity can chime in to help.

Socialblood has already seen participation from 1,500 people across all the blood types and is generating more interest with each passing day. They’ve even saved a three-year-old child who was on the brink of death, Naralasetty proudly says.

(via Socialblood leverages Facebook to help you find blood donors - Apps)

This is really outstanding. I’d love to see something like this take off.

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“I have a competition in me. I want no one else to succeed.”

I’m reminded of Daniel Plainview’s admission in There Will Be Blood when thinking about Google.

While the company is still largely beloved by the public, sentiment seems to have turned against them amongst their peers, and even amongst many of the startups around Silicon Valley. While these tensions have been building for months — and even years, in some cases — we’re seeing this on display more clearly than ever now thanks to the patent issue(s).

But why? Why is Google now a villain to many in the industry? I don’t believe it’s because they’re evil, I believe it simply relates to the Plainview quote. Increasingly, Google is trying to do everything. And they have the arrogance to think that they can. And it’s pissing people off.

Whoa. Dang good article over here.

As much as I like google and all, I really hope they slow down and reflect on whether trying to dominate the entire internet is a good idea. 

January 10, 2011 Reblogged from aatombomb


“Facebook runs on a very stiff, crude model of what people are like. It herds everybody — friends, co-workers, romantic partners, that guy who lived on your block but moved away after fifth grade — into the same big room. It smooshes together your work self and your home self, your past self and your present self, into a single generic extruded product. It suspends the natural process by which old friends fall away over time, allowing them to build up endlessly, producing the social equivalent of liver failure. On Facebook, there is one kind of relationship: friendship, and you have it with everybody. You’re friends with your spouse, and you’re friends with your plumber.”

Lev Grossman’s profile on Mark Zuckerberg for Time

I think this is the best analysis of Facebook I’ve ever read. “The social equivalent of liver failure” is a genius phrase.

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I believe that they will fix this.

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I don’t.