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ahhhh, not looking forward to this now that I’m going back to school for a year :///

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Throw portion control to the wind, and let the potato chips fall where they may.

"Discounting Calories" is available as a t-shirt at Threadless.


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My analysis of a sneeze versus a toot. 

I definitely prefer a fart over a sneeze

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You thought I was asleep, didn’t you?


Lol he’s got a seeeeecret

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Official position.

Such wit ;)

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“Hollywood Bride” doll with magic saran hair…turns her head as she walks!

Sharpened dagger not included.

'Lifelike' dolls always scared the shit out of me… my aunt bought me a total of three when I was a kid, and I think I always kept them in the box far far away from my room (which was difficult considering I had to keep them inside the house)